Air Charter Services

Not only do we prioritize your life, we also value your privacy.


ALS Life Support Services Inc. can help you arrange your chartered fight with utmost confidentiality. We have a massive network of fleets of aircraft that are ready to take you to your destination.

You can choose whether to take helicopter for a quick trip from an area in proximity to the destination. For long-haul travel, we can always arrange a fixed-wing aircraft for you such as turboprops or jet. These airplanes can cover both domestic and international flights.

You will not have to worry about the coordination because our team will arrange your flight, from scheduling until your arrival to the destination. Our procedure is so convenient that all you have to do is be at the boarding gate few minutes before takeoff.

Our hangar is conveniently located near the airport. We have a lounge to be used exclusively by passengers before and after their flight. Our team can also arrange for any special request you may have, just let us know of your preference ahead of time.

For more information regarding private flights, fleet of aircraft and destinations that we can transport to, send us an inquiry!

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