Sea Ambulance and Rescue

Even on your sail, ALS Life Support Services Inc. is always ready to assist you in times of emergency.


Aside from the land and air ambulance services, we aim to cover the emergencies in the bodies of water. We are equipped to attend to medical assistance and rescue operations for sailing vessels such as ships and boats.

Cases of emergency can happen anywhere at anytime, thus, ALS Life Support Services Inc. aims to provide assistance to vessels afloat and during any mishaps that could happen in as huge as the ocean or sea or as small as lake or bay.

Most of the time due to inclement weather or emergency that would require an external medical assistance, crew and sailors would ask for help. Situations like health conditions that need further medical attention, engine failure that would require evacuation, rescue operations - our team will arrange the necessary services that the scenario calls for.

We make sure that there will be coordination and each operation is carefully planned. We will involve organizations and authorities that would ideally give us the green light to commence the operation. Our crew is well-trained to efficiently facilitate what needs to be done in a specific situation, aided by the essential equipment.

Let us provide you with solutions for emergencies in the seas. Give us a call or drop us a message today!

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